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Growing a Garden: National Garden Club Tips for Beginners

Creating a garden with beauty, purpose and balance starts with careful planning — not digging or planting. A good start for beginners is to make a rough sketch of your garden areas, outlining the areas you want to plant flowers or vegetables. National Garden Clubs offer resources, education and networking to help your garden become a success. Here are some basic tips to get you started growing your first garden.

Think small — It’s better to start small, get experience and then expand on it next year than it is to get overwhelmed and discouraged by biting off more than you can chew.
Water access — Nothing makes it harder to manage a new garden than not planning how your garden will be watered. Plan your garden around the location of spigots, and the methods you’ll use to get the water to your plants.

Try a variety of plants — Until you get experience, you won’t know what grows well in your area, or in your yard. Don’t be discouraged if a plant doesn’t work well – try something else.
Start with a color theme — Choose one or two colors of flowers to start, until you get the hang of how to arrange plants by color.

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