The Garden Clubs of Missouri is an organization for all people interested in gardening. The primary purpose of the garden club is to arouse interest in gardening, gardens and plants. Garden clubs did not limit themselves to the improvement of members’ private garden. Most clubs also took interest in public improvement, planting trees along public streets and maintaining flower gardens in different public places.

Also, Garden Clubs of Missouri is incredibly helpful to those that wish to become proficient at gardening. The club offer many fun and educational events and activities. These activities can be held annually and others are held on a more regular basis. Either way, if you have a love for gardening you can explore your ability to learn more about the hobby and beautify your home.

Additionally, the club greatly values the conservation of natural resources, restoration of different historical gardens and education of our members and the public. We are also dedicated in encouraging the youth to be involve in gardening, wildlife and nature. Lastly, we are continuously seeking new and innovative methods to preserve and beautify our community.

The club also adopted the goals and objective of the National Garden Clubs Inc. and they include:

Aid in protection and conservation of natural resources.

Promote civic beauty and encourage the improvement of roadsides and parks.

Encourage and assist in establishing botanical gardens and horticultural centers for the advancement of science and for the enjoyment and education of the public.

Study and advance the fine arts of gardening, landscape design, floral design and horticulture.


Scholarships for students pursuing studies in horticulture and related subjects.

State Fair Exhibits during the State Fair in Sedalia each summer.

State Fair Gazebo: landscaping and maintenance around Gazebo, next to the Floriculture Exhibit building on the State Fair grounds.

Presidents’ Row:  Planted and maintain an alee of forty burr oak trees leading to the entrance of Powell Gardens in Kansas City.

National Garden Week:  Celebrate National Garden Week each year.

Arbor Day:  Observe National Arbor Day by planting trees.


Bird Sanctuaries:  Creating habitats in members’ gardens or designated club sites, including food, water, cover and shelter.

Butterfly Gardens:  Creating season-long floral gardens and other requirements to encourage all phases of a butterfly’s metamorphosis.

Blue Star Memorial Markers, honoring all those who have served in our Armed Forces.

Citations Certificates:  Garden Clubs apply for Citations to be given to businesses, public institutions and others in recognition of outstanding landscaping.

Civic Development, Historic Preservation and Beautification.

Flower Shows.

Garden Therapy for disabled and elderly people.

Garden Tours of Members’ Gardens and other educational tours.

World Gardening:  Support for efforts reaching out to areas torn by war or natural disasters

Youth:  Involvement with youth of all ages, encouraging an interest in gardening, wildlife and the environment.

You will not only improve your gardening skills here in Garden Clubs of Missouri; you will also experience long lasting friendships.